Getting into Finland, in a wild forest, on the shore of a lake, we feel freedom and it happens that these emotions dull the sense of self-preservation and security.  Those who were on oars on large lakes in Karelia and Ladoga know that the weather can change very quickly, a sharp strong wind can fly and the mirror surface of the lake in minutes turns into a fierce open space, blown by waves and gusty wind, blowing from all sides.

 On my own example, I have fallen into such situations and believe me it was worth the tremendous effort to return to shore with a partially flooded boat.  Finnish silence, beauty and access to boat trips and fishing also hide the unpredictability of the elements.

 Therefore, any boat trip in Finland by boat or boat is prohibited without a life jacket, and for everyone who is in the boat.  Neglect of this can lead to serious consequences on the water, when you hit stones and damage the bottom of the boat, a storm, loss of an oar, and many other reasons.

It doesn’t matter for what purpose you go to the water — for a walk with children or fishing, for a romantic evening on the islands, or just to meet unusual sunsets — everyone in the boat should wear a life jacket.  The cottage that you rent and where your lifeboat boats are at your service should be in sufficient quantities for adults and children.  In our cottages you will find certified life jackets of various sizes!  This will seem uncomfortable to many, but believe me, it’s better to think about it on the shore than to be in a difficult situation on the water without a vest!

 Keep safe on the water, do not risk in vain!

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