All people are different and they like different places on my lake, some have a cottage with a sauna, some have a large area of ​​untouched forest, some have a grill house and the opportunity to surprise everyone with culinary delights, some have fishing, children have a playground and  swimming on the lake.

 But there is one place beloved by all, regardless of age, time and season, a place that attracts like a magnet and does not let go.  I did not have this place before and there was a feeling that, living in the forest and on the lake, something was missing.

My friend, a builder with golden hands, Alfred made a terrace at the grill of the house on the shore, and it really looks like a deck.  It attracts to this place the opportunity to observe the closely changing water surface of Lake Ilmajärvi with its character, moods, quirks, waves and lambs, calm and mirror, winter humility and white silence in winter.

 Coming to us for the first time or walking around the site, after lunch and early in the morning before breakfast – everyone, regardless of age, goes down to this terrace and silently watches the water element.  Children with enthusiasm, joy and surprise, families, organizing lunches and dinners here, adults with a sense of relaxation and disconnection.

I myself always spend a lot of time there, having lunch with my family, having an afternoon rest with my children, dawn minutes, pre-sunset moments, the lake changes constantly and this is a powerful magnet that does not let go of romantic natures and sensual souls. I am grateful to Alfred for this outlet, without which our vacation would be inferior !!!  All lovers of relaxation, peace and quiet invite you to me.

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Dear guests, questions you see here have been asked by you during last 2 years. I tried to collect all questions on different topics to let you have complete information about our cottage. Having planned a trip to the Finnish cottage it's important to get all information to be prepared well. I am sure this information will be very useful for you. If you have a definite question that is missing-ask me and answer will surely appear on the web site.
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