Weekends in our cottage do not always take place in sunny weather and not always in the summer.  When it is raining, snowing, or “winter-autumn” outside the window, there are interesting places nearby where you and your children can have fun.  One such place is the Angry Birds Park, just a 5-minute drive from Imatra in the popular town of Rauha.

 This is a two-story building where an amusement park was created based on the favorite game of all.  According to the experience of our family, 3 hours is enough for your children to get tired and get a lot of positive emotions.  For convenience, there are family tickets, there is also a cafe where you can eat and relax.  The park has entertainment for all ages, adults watching the kids actively participate in many activities and games.

 I personally really like the hockey zone, with sticks, pucks, a goal and the opportunity to throw the puck, as it was in childhood in the yard, bungee riding and cars are also very interesting.  And to shoot from the cannon at the evil birds is the most favorite family activity.

 It’s convenient that you, one way or another, plan to go to Imatra for shopping or have lunch, so it’s very useful to have an appetite in this park before you can eat with your whole family in one of the restaurants in the city, such as “KENT STEAKHOUSE”
In fact, having owned a cottage in South Karelia for 12 years, we did not even suspect how many interesting places to visit and attractions around us.  We have already counted 25 places, and I will talk about each of them, so that our guests and just lovers of relaxation in the Parikkala-Imatra-Lappenraanta zone know where to go and what is interesting to see on the weekend or your vacation. 

We visited some places ourselves, I will tell you more about them, the places that we plan to visit in the near future, of course, will not be left without attention.

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