Terms and conditions


These conditions apply to all pre-orders. The customer agrees to these conditions upon confirmation of the reservation. Finland Lake Cottages reserves the right to make changes to the booking conditions. If you have questions or suggestions regarding your upcoming reservation, please do not hesitate to ask, we will always be happy to help you.


You can send a reservation request by filling out the form on the website, send a request by e-mail to info@finlandlakecottages.com or send a message via whatsapp (+79219340211). In response, we will send you a booking confirmation along with payment information and all contact details.

If the reservation is made earlier than 60 days before arrival, then you will need to pay an advance payment of 30% of the cost of living and the remaining 70% no later than 60 days before arrival. If the reservation is made in less than 60 days, then you need to pay 100% of the amount of the reservation.

Booking a cottage is considered confirmed after payment. Payment on the site can be made by bank transfer, using a credit card or PayPal payment system. Other payment terms are discussed individually. If the client has not paid the remaining invoice amount or has not paid the entire invoice within the specified period, we can unilaterally cancel the reservation. After receiving a prepayment or 100% payment, the client receives an official confirmation with the reservation number. This confirmation is sufficient to obtain a Finnish visa at the consulate or embassy of Finland. If you need a document for crossing the border, the client must send the passport data of all people for this reservation with the validity of their passports, in response to the client an extended booking confirmation will be sent.

After paying the bill, the client will be sent detailed instructions for checking in. 1 day before arrival, we will inform the client of the method and place of receipt of the keys.


Cancellations must always be made and sent in writing. An order is considered canceled from the date that a written notice of cancellation (cancellation) was received at Finland Lake Cottages. If the order is canceled more than two months before the date of arrival, the client will be returned the entire amount previously paid by him, minus the amount of 50 € for cancellation services (bank and office expenses). If the order is paid 100% and canceled by the client less than two months before the date of arrival, Finland Lake Cottages returns 50% of the previously paid amount, but only if the cottage will be rented to another client with the same arrival date, at a price that no less than 70% of the usual cost of renting a cottage. If the cottage cannot be retaken, the company has the right to withhold the entire amount in order to cover expenses. If the customer cancels the order less than 30 days before arrival, 100% of the order amount is not refundable. If you want to make any changes to the reservation, please let us know. If these changes are possible and will be agreed upon, we will send you a confirmation email. All possible changes must be made 30 days prior to arrival.


In the event of force majeure circumstances prior to settlement (natural disasters, fire, hostilities, strikes, changes in the economic situation in the country, decision of the highest state authorities, etc.) Finland Lake Cottages can independently cancel the reservation, immediately notifying the client . In this case, the client is entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the rental of the cottage. We are also not responsible and will not pay any compensation if the fulfillment of our obligations is impossible due to reasons or events beyond our reasonable control, such as power outages, adverse weather conditions, mechanical damage or malfunctions in IT systems, as well as others force majeure circumstances. Refundable security deposit. In order to preserve property in cottages and the adjacent territory, as well as to avoid damage and incapacitation of the life support systems of cottages, the client pays a refundable deposit of 150 euros (or the equivalent in rubles at the rate of purchase of euros at the LCC exchange center Ligovsky- www.ligovka. ru). The deposit must be paid no later than 3 days before the date of arrival. The method of depositing and returning it is negotiated individually. The security deposit is returned to the client in full within 3 days after departure, after checking and cleaning the cottage and in the absence of damage and shortage. We reserve the right to withhold part of the security deposit or the entire security deposit upon detection of the signs mentioned above.

Accommodation in cottages

Check-in time is 16:00 local time on the day of arrival, check-out time is 12:00 on the day of departure.

Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by adults, we reserve the right to refuse entry to cottages for persons under 18 years of age.

The maximum capacity of our cottages for a comfortable stay is 6 people. If you want to invite more guests for an overnight stay, let us know in advance, and we will try to find a compromise. It is prohibited to set up tents and trailers in the cottage without prior notice and approval. We have the right to check the number of people living and refuse to violate the placement.

The rental cottage includes: the right to place, use all the equipment located in the cottage, electricity, hot and cold water, a toilet, a sauna, a fireplace and equipment located in the territory adjacent to the cottage. Firewood for heating the cottage and cooking in the grill house is included in the rental price, if you want to cook on charcoal, bring coal with you.

The row boat “Terhi” is intended for family walks and fishing, the oars from the boat are stored in the grill cabin. It is forbidden to enter the water without life jackets, which are also in the grill house. For fishing you can bring your electric motor or gasoline (4-stroke) up to 6 hp, you can also rent an electric Mini Kota outboard motor for the price of 25 euros per day, there is a socket for charging the battery in the grill house.

Smoking is prohibited at any time and in any room of the cottage. Smoking areas are located on the street, please use ashtrays and do not throw cigarette butts across the territory. Fire on the street is possible only in designated areas. It is strictly forbidden to make a fire near buildings and wooden structures. Candles can be lit in the cottage, while they must be in special stands and candle holders that do not allow heat to pass through. Do not leave candles and bonfires unattended! We reserve the right to withhold part of the security deposit in case of detecting signs of smoking in the cottage, we also reserve the right to terminate your stay in the cottage if you do not comply with our smoking policy.

Bed linen should be brought in or rented in advance at a price of 15 euros (set with towels) per person. The cottages have ready-made sets of linen and towels. If for some reason the client did not bring the linen or forgot to order it, it will be possible to rent it, having received an access code, having paid it in advance. Please inform if necessary. The method of payment for linen is negotiated individually.

In our cottages pets are allowed. The cost of living for one animal is 25 euros and is associated with a special hypoallergenic cleaning after departure. Pets are not allowed to sleep on beds and sofas; pet owners must clean up after their pets on site. If you plan to take the animal with you, let us know at the time of booking. In case of detection after departure of signs of pets due to their unauthorized arrival, we reserve the right to deduct the double cost of the animal from your security deposit.

Parking at the cottages is free.

Final cleaning costs 70 euros and is paid along with the amount for the stay. Despite this, the client must maintain cleanliness and order in the cottage and in the territory. When leaving the cottage, the dishes must be washed (the dishwasher must be turned off). Trash bins must be emptied (garbage must be disposed of). The furniture should be the same as when the client moves into the cottage. The refrigerator must be switched on between 0 and 1 and free of food.

We ask you to respect your neighbors and refrain from any violent or abusive illegal actions during your stay. According to the terms of the reservation, parties and entertainment are prohibited, so the cottages have a quiet hour from 23: 00-8: 00.

Damage, Shortage and Complaints Any problems or complaints about the cottage during your stay must be reported to us immediately. In the event of damage to the cottage or buildings on the territory, damage to or loss of the property of the cottage through the fault of residents and / or people on vacation, residents are required to fully compensate for the damage in accordance with market prices in force at the time of compensation for damage. The client assumes all responsibility, including financial responsibility, for any actions or decisions that he has made during his stay in the cottage. In the event of a client’s refusal to pay damages or shortages caused by his actions, Finland Lake Cottages reserves the right to inform the police and the migration service about what happened to further bring the perpetrators to justice.

Customer reviews

In the cottages there are folders of reviews and offers. We will be grateful for the feedback left.