Real winter has come to Finland, it snows every day.  For lovers of downhill and cross-country skiing in Ruokolahti, winter began on December 5th.  From this day on, the FreeSki ski slope in Ruokolahti, which is the most favorite place for Russians in this region, is fully operational.

This is not a professional ski resort or red-black slopes for professionals, it is a very cozy slope for the whole family.  4 slopes, slide for cheesecakes and sledges, cross-country skiing tracks, a good cafe where you can eat and bask.  The atmosphere here is always very friendly, despite the popularity, it is always not crowded.

You can order an English or Russian-speaking guide and in a couple of classes your children will really go skiing themselves and most importantly they will stop being afraid and love skiing.  Instructor Thomas helped us, his children really love him and two daughters were enough for me to really get on the skis and since then they always fearlessly go with us to any ski resorts.  The slope also works in the evening in very good light.

 This slope is 25 km from our cottage, and we always visit FreeSki as a family in winter.  The prices here are cheaper than in St. Petersburg, there are few people, the whole staff works very competently and politely, so if you plan to come to our cottage, I highly recommend you go here, get a lot of positive emotions!!!

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