Questions & Answers

Where do we get the keys to the cottage, will someone meet us there?

Can I use firewood?

Do I need to buy a fishing license in Finland?

Why there are 2 waste bins? Do I need to separate the garbage?

Can I bring my pet to my cottage?

Why does the sauna stove switch off all the radiators in the house?

Where better to drain dirty water after cleaning and food remains?

Is there car engine pre-heating in case of severe frost?

What to do with charcoal and ash after BBQ?

When is a fishing boat available?

Can I drink tap water?

Have started to lit the fireplace, but it smokes and there is smoke under the door, what to do?

Where can I pick mushrooms and berries?

How to connect to the Internet?

If we want to see birds and squirrels, what can we feed them?

Can I bring my own motor to the boat?

Is there linens or can I bring my own?

Can’t turn on the dishwasher, what to do?

Can I arrive earlier than 4 p.m. or leave later than 12?

Is it possible to rent bicycles and where can I ride?

Where’s the best place to fish on the lake and when?

There is no signal on the TV, what to do?

Can’t find a cottage, are there any clues in the forest?

Can I stay one more night in the cottage?

Where is the nearest grocery store?

Can I invite guests or a guest to the cottage?

Didn’t find a boat anchor, where can I get one?

We like outdoor activities in winter, is there something nearby?