Over the years of traveling and just different movements around the world, we saw different things and lived in completely different conditions, and therefore for a long time I have developed a stereotype of what I like and what not, what should be for my vacation and what quality.  This is not necessarily addictive to the good, pure, beautiful, we humans are arranged to adjust our reality to our framework.

 Starting from scratch, building a cottage in a forest in Finland in 2007, we immediately made a bet that it would NOT be a summer cottage, like near St. Petersburg, there was such untouched nature and such beauty around that it would be unforgivable to make visiting a house in the winter with children  a mistake.  Finnish laws and good people helped, from consultants and technical supervision of Jarkko, with whom I am good friends, to builders of all kinds of professions.

The construction began on 06/15/2017 and took exactly 6 months, at that time we knew little about the construction, we could not remotely control the process while working in St. Petersburg and of course there were misunderstandings and problems during the construction, like everyone else, but the discipline of the Finns and the professionalism of the young  experts and compliance with the laws still helped us a lot.

 Kimara 106 house turned out on a project such that for 13 years nothing has gone wrong seriously (apart from busting the sauna, of course).  There were situations when, at temperatures of -40 in winter, the heating cable froze and it was necessary to call a special service from Imatra and warm the system with hot steam, it was difficult to timely understand the filling of the septic tanks until they put the meter on the water in the unit. 

We also encountered difficulties when the pressure from the tap changed due to a decrease in pressure in the pump and control unit and we called plumbers, of course, all this happened more than once, but so far all life support systems and equipment have been working clearly, drinking water from 72 m.  Wells are just as tasty and clean.

All this I say to the fact that I perfectly understand the different people who come to my cottage, measuring their expectations for themselves.  It’s good that everything was done humanly in 2007 and people leave great positive reviews.  Many simply do not want to leave and ask about another day or two, some return after returning to other dates.

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Dear guests, questions you see here have been asked by you during last 2 years. I tried to collect all questions on different topics to let you have complete information about our cottage. Having planned a trip to the Finnish cottage it's important to get all information to be prepared well. I am sure this information will be very useful for you. If you have a definite question that is missing-ask me and answer will surely appear on the web site.
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