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Amazing place, always happy to come with a family. Relax alone with nature, without noisy neighbors. All-day you can walk and enjoy the forest, sail on the lake. You can see forest inhabitants who are not very afraid of people because they do not know them. In the evening it is so good to eat grilled fish, sitting on the shore of the lake and watching the indescribable beauty of sunsets! In autumn so much thrill for berries and mushroom lovers, wood gifts are in huge abundance.

Questions & Answers

Dear guests, questions you see here have been asked by you during last 2 years. I tried to collect all questions on different topics to let you have complete information about our cottage. Having planned a trip to the Finnish cottage it's important to get all information to be prepared well. I am sure this information will be very useful for you. If you have a definite question that is missing-ask me and answer will surely appear on the web site.
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