One of the guests most favorite activities when they arrive at the cottage is the preparation of various dishes in the air.  You can actually arrange culinary competitions: kebabs, pilafs, mushroom dishes, fish soup and grilled fish, trout baked on wooden inclined discs, grilled sausages of all stripes, stews, grilled stewed vegetables and a lot of different things guests cook.

 But the most favorite thing for most guests is to get a positive answer to their simple question – is there a Finnish smokehouse?  Yes, this is the most common iron box where hot-smoked fish is cooked on fire.  The good thing about this box is that it lives forever, each time comparing it with the same from our stores, I ask myself, well, if the metal and shape are the same, then why does Finnish not rust, fall apart and burn out.  This is a Finnish smoker, 13 years old and she lives on the street and guests often forgot it in the rain and snow, but no, she lives like a spell) The question of where to get fish for smoking, guests come to the process creatively – who catches the fish for this himself and who  buys.

The most favorite dish in this simple and magical box is this Finnish trout from Citymarket or Disas, each has its own recipes and its own magic, who cook on alder wood chips, who on apple, pear, citrus, rowan, etc.  The process is simple, but requires attention: a lot of fire is bad, a little bad, high from a fire is bad, close too, time is also measured up to minutes, but the result exceeds all expectations.  Of course, it is wrong to compare trout over an open fire and hot smoked, but nowhere is it more tender, juicier and tastier than trout.

 The most delicious fish I get on ordinary alder wood chips with rosemary, it is he who, burning, gives such a unique taste!  To everyone planning a trip to me this year after quarantine and the opening of borders, I highly recommend it, dried and a couple of branches in and on top of the fish, 45 minutes of magic in a box and the delicacy is ready!  Little kids who reject this fish gobble up both cheeks)

Take note, easy, fast and very tasty!

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