When we come to Finnish cottages we all want simple things necessary for relaxation: cleanliness, warmth and amenities.  In our understanding, the Finnish cottage has 2 business cards, a sauna with a real smell of wood and a fireplace.  In cottages, saunas are usually either electric or wood burning.  Tulikivi fireplaces or similar, without which a family evening in a Finnish cottage is unthinkable, is also, of course, on wood.

The process of harvesting firewood is not easy and not cheap!  Dry chopped birch or alder wood on average in southern Karelia costs 50-55 euros per 1 m3, conifers are slightly cheaper, but they also need to be taken and laid out for storage. In many cottages, an extra charge is taken for firewood, some procure a basket of firewood at a fireplace with a price, which, of course, instantly spoils the whole vacation.As the owner of the cottages, I don’t understand this, because if I invite someone to my place, he should like everything so much that he wants to return again and still recommend such a vacation to his friends.

I myself really love the fire, fireplace, the process and the result, so when in 2017 we decided to rent our first cottage for rent, I firmly decided- WOODWOOD FOR GUESTS WILL ALWAYS BE FREE!  It’s easy to understand, there are always replaceable consumables in the cottage, without which the cottage as a residential building does not function, firewood from September to May is exactly the same material that guests need.  How can you advertise the pleasure of the grill if there is no firewood or romantic evenings by the fireplace, if you need to pay extra for ordinary firewood!

 Therefore, dear guests, when booking my cottage, we can be absolutely calm – dry firewood for the fireplace and grill is always available and is always FREE for you!

 In the photographs I want to show you the process of harvesting firewood with me, everything is thought out for the Finns for a person, no axes and splitters, they save their time and health!

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