Every time you plan your family vocation, you have to think where to leave your pet. Your heart’s bleeding because your lovely dog or cat have to stay with your friends or even in the animal shelter? 

 After all, watching everyone enjoying the holiday, you can’t stop worrying and thinking of it?

There is a simple and pleasant way out – take your pet with you!

We will be glad to see it, all you need to do is just a few efforts to get a stress-free trip with your animal to Finland. 

Any pet is welcomed because rules are the same for all the animals, but more often dog is preferable and desirable in the journey.

Accommodation with pets in our LAKE cottages

 Distance cottage managing sometimes causes a problem that not all our guests declare the animals with them. It’s the thing of personal responsibly. The problem is that after every visit we order a professional cleaning. In the case that next come people with asthmatic or allergic problems – they can seriously suffer from it. If a pet is declared to come after the departure, we carry out a special treatment of the premises.  This rule determines the amount we charge for a pet.

For the same reason, dogs cannot climb onto sofas and beds. Of course, every next guest is pleased when the furniture upholstery is perfectly clean.As throughout Finland, we maintain cleanliness near our cottages, so please clean up after the pet. 

It will be pleasant both for you and those guests who will come next.  If any emergency situation arises – call us, we will advise your nearest veterinarian and tell you how to get to him.

 Having caught up with squirrels, having dipped in the lake and run into the forest, your dog will definitely ask you to spend the next vacation in our cottage.  You and your lovely pet are always welcome again!

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Questions & Answers

Dear guests, questions you see here have been asked by you during last 2 years. I tried to collect all questions on different topics to let you have complete information about our cottage. Having planned a trip to the Finnish cottage it's important to get all information to be prepared well. I am sure this information will be very useful for you. If you have a definite question that is missing-ask me and answer will surely appear on the web site.
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