Lake Simpelejärvi

Lake Simpelejärvi is one of the most popular fishing lakes in South Karelia.

Large area – 91.1 square kilometers. – It is the 49th place among all Finnish lakes. This body of water, with its many islands, canals, vast expanses, coves and bays, many inland lakes, is considered one of the most desirable lakes for recreation and fishing. The lake crosses the border of the Russian Federation, the Hittolanjoki River flows from the lake, which flows into Lake Laadoga. On this river near road number 6 there are areas where fishing is allowed without a permit, there are also equipped places for picnics and family holidays, hiking and biking trails, observation points for a large feathered population.

The large size, length, image quality, diversity, flora and fauna of the lake provide limitless opportunities for family walks and exploring the lake. The main interest of all Northwest fishermen in this lake is the large zander stocks that have been equally successfully caught for trolling and jigging. Also in the lake are found lake trout, whitefish, ide, tench, vendace, burbot, pike, perch, bream, ruff. The lake is especially interesting for fishing all kinds of gear, so all fishermen get great joy here.

For guests we have 2 plastic 4m. boats: one under an electric motor and another under 10 horsepower gasoline that you can bring with you.

Lake map

Depth map

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