Lake Ilmajärvi

Lake Ilmajärvi, the “air lake” (in Russia there is a lake with the same name, Ilmen) is located 45 km from the border.  This is mostly a rocky lake and, if you look at the depth map, you will see that most likely in the middle of the lake was a deep mountain gorge, subsequently filled with a glacier, it lasts all over the lake along its entire length with depths of up to 20 meters.  On the right side, where our cottages are located, there are grass and reed bays and all fish is caught there.  A narrow river flows from the lake, which, passing through the neighboring lake Varajärvi, turns into the Virmutjoki river and flows into Saimaa.  There are many islands on the lake, so family walks on the lake will give you great pleasure.

 The fish population of the lake is as follows: pike, perch, burbot, whitefish, vendace, ruff, bream, roach, bleak.  There are also crayfish in the lake.  Birds are also very diverse on the lake: swans, geese, black-throated loons, dives, ducks of several species, common and black-winged gull and others.

Lake map

Fishing points map

Depth map

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