It is impossible to imagine Finland without FISHING, a country washed by the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia, a country of 187,888 lakes, a large number of cold and fast rivers and a vast body of water Saimaa, the fourth largest freshwater lake in Europe.  According to official figures, the number of amateur fishermen is about 1.8 million, with a population of Finland a little more than 5.6 million, this means every third is a fisherman!

Fishing has permeated and pervaded the whole life of this northern country, wherever you are, and whatever you do.  Therefore, of course, when going on vacation to Finland, the male part of the population thinks of course about fishing too.  Fishing, in theory, is the same in every country, but something really attracts and attracts thousands of fishermen from around the world in winter and summer, and without even thinking, we know that this is cleanliness and pristine nature, fish stocks and order.

 If we all know about the purity of nature and the richness of fish water bowels, then we need to know the following about order, in other words, discipline.

State license

A license is not needed for anglers under the age of 18 and over 65, but it is always advisable to take an identification document for fishing.  This permission applies only to those who use simple float fishing rods without a reel, without baits, artificial bait and all the gear is at hand.  This way you can fish anywhere.  But you can’t even catch a fishing rod where fishing is generally prohibited: in areas of hydraulic structures.  There will be a KALASTUS KIELLETTY sign (“Fishing prohibited).

 In winter, fishing is allowed without a license.

If you plan to fish for donkey, feeder, spinning, trolling, catch crayfish or put a net – you need to buy a license.  It is registered and is valid throughout the entire calendar year from January 1 to December 31, whenever you buy it.  You can buy it in various places: at police stations, by mail, online on the Internet, and even in R-kioski stores.

 The cost of a license depends on different conditions: time, region, type of gear, your boat, size of the catch and other parameters.  A standard license for one day for 1 tackle costs 6 euros, for a week – 15 euros, and for the whole year – 45 euros.  As a rule, avid fishermen immediately buy an annual license.

 If fishing is planned on a private stocked lake or a section of the river, in addition to the state license, it is necessary to obtain a fishing permit from the fishing community or the owner of the reservoir.

The penalty for the lack of one license is 50 euros.

If you plan to go fishing in special “fish zones”, you will have to pay extra separately.  Finland has many specially equipped places where there is parking, conditions for comfortable launching of boats on the water, firewood, tables for cleaning fish, smoke houses, carports and much more.  Often such zones are located near the rapids in the lower reaches of the rivers.  There you can catch very large fish.  For all these amenities, you will also need to pay the local cooperative, which organizes such a stationary fishing camp.  An additional license can cost from 15 to 40 euros per day.  For example, at the mouth of the Kumijoki River 12 hours of fishing costs 17 euros, and at night, when fishing is more active, this service costs 22 euros.

 Licenses must be carried with you to present to all interested persons, if necessary.  Keep in mind that a license can be checked not only by a fish inspector or a police officer, but also by an ordinary fisherman or local resident.

Trophy size

Not every fish caught is allowed to be taken with you – there are restrictions on the size of the trophy.  Here are some basic examples of minimum sizes:

 sea ​​salmon – 60 cm

 salmon from the northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia – 50 cm

 lake salmon – 40 cm

 sea ​​taimen – 50 cm

 lake taimen – 40 cm

 char – 40 cm

 zander – 37 cm

 grayling – 30 cm

 Fish size is measured from the end of the caudal fin to the end of the chin.


Fishing is prohibited during fish spawning.  For example, some examples of seasonal restrictions:

 lake and sea salmon, river and sea taimen, brook trout – from September to November

 grayling – from April 1 to May 31

 char – from September 11 to November 15

 lamprey – from April 1 to August 15

 crayfish – from November 1 to noon on July 21

Our cottages, which we offer you for rent, are located on the shores of 2 large and picturesque lakes of Finland – Ilmajärvi and Simpelejärvi.  Lake fishing is very popular and is an integral part of vacation in coastal cottages.  A rowing boat for 4 people under an electric motor or a small gasoline is always available for guests for family walks or fishing.  Each of these lakes is individual, therefore on the site you will find a description of the lakes, maps of fishing points and depths.