What do we like and what surprises us in Finnish cottages?  Our cottages are also built of wood, also breathing, in all houses there are stoves and fireplaces of various configurations, and yet, almost every Finnish cottage has a Tulikivi fireplace.

I have been in old cottages (30-40 years old) and unsuitable for year-round living and was surprised how much the Finns respect this company and install these fireplaces for themselves.  Why?

 Tulikivi stone is a special grade of talc magnesite, which has unique physical properties, withstands high thermal loads and is durable and environmentally friendly.

 These fireplaces are called “good heat” and they are not intended for heating the room to 30 degrees.  As written in the paper instructions and shown on the video disc, it’s enough to warm up the fireplace for no more than 4 hours, and you need to add 2 new logs when the previous ones crumbled to large coals.  Overheating a stone, you will not achieve the result, and overheating it, you can damage it.  It is also important to correctly put firewood in the fireplace, for example, our ideal size for firewood is 35 cm in length, which allows us to lay firewood horizontally, not vertically and not in a herringbone, which will lead to faster burning of wood.

A feature of these fireplaces is their long and economical combustion due to the correct use of dampers.  During heating, the stone absorbs heat and then starts to give it away, and the temperature reached lasts more than 48 hours, which was checked by us and our guests for 12 years.

 An ideal tree, of course, is considered to be dry birch or alder, they do not give carbon deposits to glass and the greatest heat from them, but pine and spruce are also used with pleasure.  According to the law, the owner of the house is obliged to call a chimney sweep every few years, check the entire furnace system and clean it, he also issues a document on checking and suitability for use, and the same chimney sweep simultaneously checks the presence and operation of smoke traps and other fire safety devices.  The fireplace is very easy to clean, modern inexpensive means allow you to keep the glass and stone of the fireplace in perfect cleanliness with constant use.

After winter frosty walks along the forest paths, ice fishing or ice skating on the lake, skiing or just relaxing outside – the best end to the day is to spend the evening with your family in a warm cottage in front of the Tulikivi fireplace.

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