Each person who visits the place he likes gets used to the good, the positive, where he is pleased and where he feels good.  The place where he wants to return and go if he is nearby.

 I’m not picky about food, but I prefer fish and vegetables more than a burger with potatoes, simply because I don’t eat meat and chicken.

 I began to actively visit Imatra in 2006, when we were looking for a plot and wanted to build a house.  Right on the main pedestrian street there is a place called Pizza Kebab, an ordinary institution, where you will go only when you are already very hungry.

This place was under the control of an Arab family and I’ll tell you honestly they cooked deliciously, the interior was very lame, it was not modern and attractive.  From time to time we went there, although my wife does not like such “eateries”, preferring small restaurants such as Rossi on the same street.  In this place we usually ordered kebab or pizza, a salad bar and everything else was always included in the price.

 Over the years, the owners of this place have changed several times, but they were all Arab families.  And now the last owners changed this place very radically, expanded the space inside with a new look, changed the name to “KENT STEAKHOUSE RESTAURANT”, made a spacious terrace on the street, replaced furniture, introduced various grilled dishes, salads to the assortment, diversified the salad bar.  And this place of reality has become better!

I do not advertise, I just share with all of you information where in Imatra it is very tasty and quick to cook, where there is always free space.  With the high cost of dishes in neighboring restaurants, here you can dine with your family for normal money.  The situation here is calm and relaxing, after eating you just want to sit still in silence, which you won’t do in other places.

 My favorite grilled salmon dish with baked vegetables and yellow rice costs only 10 euros, a salad bar and all drinks (water, tea, coffee) are included in the price.  The hosts are very welcoming and always happy with praise from the guests.


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