Before quarantine, it was very important and desirable to set up posts at a specific time when everyone or else was at home in the morning before work or in the evening after work.  Now, in quarantine, everyone, I hope, is sitting at home, and I think the time for news to appear is not so important.  And if so, I will share with you the progress of the construction of our cottage in Finland, which fell into the very peak of quarantine.

 In Finland, although many restrictions have been introduced, individual construction is still allowed, which means that all construction works are prohibited at municipal facilities, but private and services and specialists can come.

What we have already been able to do today:

 – deforestation and thinning of forests on the site

 – site cleaning

 – excavation works

 – filling the foundation pit and preparing to fill the foundation of the house itself and parking with a shed and a woodcutter, made formwork

 – drilled 90 m. drinking water well near the house.
And for now, we are waiting for a building permit from Ruokolahti Municipality at the end of April and it will be possible to immediately fill the foundation.

 The Kimara 78A house from KONTIO will arrive from Lapland, where the main factories for the production of houses from glued beams are located, on the 19th week to the site.

 A pier 12 m long, we made in the fall.

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Dear guests, questions you see here have been asked by you during last 2 years. I tried to collect all questions on different topics to let you have complete information about our cottage. Having planned a trip to the Finnish cottage it's important to get all information to be prepared well. I am sure this information will be very useful for you. If you have a definite question that is missing-ask me and answer will surely appear on the web site.
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