Of all the elements, fire attracts the most power of a person, his lack of control, the continuous variability of the flame, a variety of colors, shapes and sounds, as well as heat and heat, are a mystery to man, which is probably why it is literally impossible to take his eyes off of fire.

 Fire has the ability to burn negative, contemplating it, comes some peace of mind and peace.

 It’s great to sit on the shore of a Finnish lake in a wooden grill house, when there is nothing around you except silence and darkness and watch the game of fire flames or listen to the crackling of burning logs.  The magic of fire immerses us in the world of inner harmony, peace of mind and optimism.

I personally, like all my friends and guests, while visiting our cottage in Finland, try not to miss this opportunity.  Sitting in front of the fire, you can slowly think about life, dream about a happy future, talk with yourself, which is very rare, to talk frankly with friends and relatives.  And problems, troubles, failures seem to recede, become less significant.  The soul is cleansed and calmed down.

 We all like to walk in the woods, skate, ski and sled in the winter, ride a boat and bicycles in the summer, play with children on the street, but in the evening everyone and adults and children love to get together in the house’s grill and sit late in front of the fire.

As the poet Alatyr Yudin Sergey expressed his thoughts about the fire:

 Fire catches the eye

Fancy giving birth to glare.

 Losing thoughts out of place,

 Among the coals, we see the faces.

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