Family vacations mean vacations with children, if the kids are busy and they are interested, then adults also have time to relax.  We don’t need to think about how to entertain children of different ages in our forest, all 3 generations of my daughters grew up here, so we know for sure – everyone will be interested in us!

 For the smallest there are children’s swings, a sandbox and a spinning wheelchair, for older children there are swings of various kinds, a large safe trampoline with a protective net, a stand with a basketball hoop and darts, badminton and rackets, flying saucers and all sorts of other interesting games on the street.

You can rent bicycles and ride along the picturesque forest paths, the routes of which you can also see on the website.

 A boat trip with parents is another unforgettable adventure for children, where they can not only enjoy fishing, but also row with oars or drive an electric motor, like real captains!  Of course, in life jackets!

 In the evening, children’s favorite pastime is to make a fire in the grill house and actively participate in cooking with adults.

 I am opposed to hanging children on phones and try my best to keep this time to a minimum.  All active activities in the air help us adults greatly reduce this unhealthy modern addiction, distract them and interest others, more interesting and useful.

 To give them even less this time in the evening, board games await them in the cottage: lotto, dice, dominoes, checkers, chess, cards, toys for the smallest.

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