Today, March 1, 2020, we begin the construction of a new cottage on our lake ILMAJÄRVI.  It will be only 1.4 km from ours and, in addition to all the advantages and amenities of a Finnish house, it is located on the very fishing spot of the lake, a muddy and grassy bay.

 Those who already had the pleasure of visiting us, and who were fishing, know that the most catching part of the lake with 3 grassy bays and depths of 2-8 m are located just on the right side of the lake.  My best fishing spots will be directly opposite the new cottage, guests will not need to go around a large lake in search of fish, all fishing pleasures both on cyprinid fish and predators, directly opposite!

In addition to the cottage, a covered parking for cars will be built, turning into a woodcutter, a spacious grill house on the beach, 12m.  the pier has already been built, the boat is ready for walking and fishing, we also plan for the children a large playground in a flat sunny place, The difference between this place is its imaginary distance, although it will be 15 minutes walk from ours and if we still have at least some time to see  and you hear the neighbors, there will be absolute privacy and solitude, silence and only wildlife around.  Near the plot there is a berry glade, mushrooms grow right on the plot.

One of the main advantages of the site, in addition to its fishing location, is the sandy bottom, shallow, flat, without stones, which, I am sure, will be rightly appreciated by both children and adults!  The second, in my opinion, dream merit is its relief, the place for the cottage and the water area are flat and even, only 20 m from the water. The cottage will be very similar to ours, but it will be slightly different at the top.  The main thing is that it will also be for 6 people, it will have all the amenities, as in ours.

 We plan to open a cottage for the first guests on September 1, 2020.

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